July 02, 2014


Description: A hair regrowth inhibitor
Main Pitch: "The naturally effective way to make hair stay away"
Main Offer: $14.95 for one bottle
Bonus: Double the size, then double the offer (just pay separate S&P)
Marketer: SAS Group
Producer: Hutton-Miller
Website: www.Epilique.com
Prediction: On the fence

Short-form hair removal as a category has been struggling of late. That is, I don't expect any of the projects I've recently noted -- Ontel's Wonder Wax, Top Dog's How Sweet It Is! or even IdeaVillage's Yes! -- to end up on my annual True Top Spenders list. (Obviously no! no! is going to be one of the biggest DR campaigns of the year, but that's a lead-gen campaign.)

So what about the idea of stopping hair growth in the first place? Surprisingly, little has been tried -- most likely because of the claims involved. The closest thing I can find is a novice's attempt last summer (see No. 9 in this Weekly Round-Up) and a bonus item Tristar used for its Tweeze campaign.

Without history to guide me, I must fall back on guesswork. On the one hand, this seems like a great idea. Who wouldn't want to shave less often if that were possible? On the other hand, this pitch strains credulity, raises concerns (I'm going to put a substance that powerful all over my skin?) and adds another process/product to people's daily maintenance routine.

I'll be watching this one closely and with interest.

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  1. My concern it does not solve the DRTV problem completely. It vaguely reduces the need to shave by an undetermined number of days in a way that is not explained.