December 26, 2013

Weekly Roundup

  1. Nina Silk. Pitch: "The painless way to twist and lift hair away." Comments: An apparent 'fast fail' (link goes to the spot). One possible reason: It's pitched like IdeaVillage's Smooth Away, which peaked only four years ago and had low customer satisfaction. [ss]
  3. Amazing Tank. Marketer: Hampton. Producer: Huton-Miller. Pitch: "The kid-friendly aquarium that cleans itself like magic." Comments: This is the HydraQuarium under a new name and with a new creative by the masters of "kid-friendly" DR. [ss]
  5. Duovet. Pitch: "The dual-temperature duvet." Comments: This was clearly brought to market by someone who knows very little about the DRTV business. [ss]
  7. Light Up Links. Producer: Hutton-Miller. Pitch: "The building links that light up your imagination." Comments: This has elements of the old Allstar hit Bendaroos and also reminds me of a neat invention from a few years ago called Laser Pegs. Thinking about what made those items successful, I see the same potential here. [ss]
  9. No Freakin' Way. Pitch: "The game that finds out how much money it would take for your friends or relatives to do some wild and crazy things." Comments: I can't think of another board game that was launched using DRTV ... and there's probably a good reason for that. [ss]

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  1. amazing tank, it's amazing. great spot!