January 31, 2013

Weekly Round-Up

  1. Gym In A Shoe. Marketer: Body By Jake. Pitch: "Turn your walk into a total body transformation." Comments: This is a terrible product idea. It's also disappointing given that it comes from the company that brought us Tower 200, an innovative and credible fitness product that defined a new short-form category (MMA-inspired men's fitness). But there is nothing innovative or credible about this product. [ss]
  3. HydraQuarium. Marketer: Lenfest/Media Corp. Producer: Paddock Productions. Pitch: "The aquarium that cleans itself." Comments: Written by yours truly. [ss]
  5. Luma Stylus. Marketer: Spark Innovators. Pitch: "The sleek LED touch-screen tool that works like a finger but handles like a pen." Comments: I am too close to this one to comment. [ss]
  7. Micro Boom. Marketer: InvenTel. Pitch: "The little bluetooth speaker with big sound." Comments: A me-too project that is very late to follow IdeaVillage's Music Bullet and Boom Cube. [ss]
  9. Snuggle Wings. Pitch: "Keep them safe and snugly swaddled." Comments: Fails just about every criteria for DRTV -- and it also doesn't help that it looks like a straight jacket for babies! [ss]
  11. Toasty Tights. Marketer: Telebrands. Pitch: "Plush, fleece lined tights keep you warm and fashionable." Comments: A fast fail (site is down). [ss]  


  1. Jordan those are fine spots, I am not quite sure the product selection is as strong. Gym in a Shoe is not that ridiculous. What I find interesting is the free Shipping and the $29.95 price point.

  2. The Luma Stylus should do moderately well in short form spots but I predict it will shine best in retail channels after getting some air play.

    But the real gem with the wow factor in this group looks to be the Hydraquarium. The visuals in that spot had my 8 year old son begging to try one. (And me too for that matter!)

  3. How'd that HydraQuarium spot test? Interesting concept in a tough category.