November 13, 2013

Weekly Round-Up

Watch the Sammich Shapers commercial

  1. Sammich Shapers. Pitch: "Turn ordinary sandwiches into extraordinary lunchtime treats." Comments: Written by yours truly. [ss]
  3. Genie Sport. Marketer: Tristar. Pitch: "Amazing shape, lift and support." Comments: Another addition to the line. [ss]
  5. Jidue. Starring: Forbes Riley. Pitch: "Combines the ancient principles of acupuncture and massage to help you ... fall asleep fast, sleep soundly and wake up refreshed." Comments: I just don't ("jidon't"?) see anyone but hard-core insomniacs trying this, let alone paying a hefty $120 to keep it. Also, the acupuncture pitch and odd wording in places make me suspect this one was taken directly from an Asian infomercial. [ss]
  7. Miracle Grill Mat. Pitch: "Turns just about any grill into a non-stick, easy to clean surface." Comments: I'm trying to figure out if this is the same item as the Magic Grill Mat I reviewed in September. This creative and pitch are a lot better, but we are way outside of grill season! [ss]
  9. Perfect Pie Cutter. Pitch: "Angled blades cut your pie into perfect slices." Comments: This would have been a good companion for Marc Gill's Perfect Server (HT: AF). Of course, even the two combined wouldn't have half a shot. This is a seasonal catalog item -- at best. [ss]


  1. Fun Sammich Shaper commercial! New approach. Why the "sammich" name?

  2. Nice Creative - I think we tend to go outside the box of the DR "formula" because we get bored. I have yet to see anything work that was not in the usual format. Will be interesting to see how this does as it is a good item.