September 05, 2013

Weekly Round-Up

David Jones for DissolvAway

  1. DissolvAway. Starring: David Jones. Producer: Hutton-Miller. Pitch: "Super-concentrated cleaning power in a dissolving square." Comments: Solid creative, but every attempt to change people's laundry habits using DRTV has failed. Previous examples include a Telebrands item similar to this one called Pure Logic, Dropps and Ontel's Washer Balls (which followed the retail hit Dryer Balls). This is one of those categories where decades of experience and tens of millions in ad spending cannot be easily surmounted. [ss]
  3. Bunion Bliss. Marketer: Lenfest. Producer: Concepts. Pitch: "The amazing new socks that help soothe the excruciating pain of bunions." Comments: Apparently a 'fast fail.' My guess as to why: This a niche problem, not a mass-market one. Then again, I thought ear wax buildup was a niche problem, too. Spot is here. [ss]
  5. Flex Light Pro. Producer: Hutton-Miller. Pitch: "The amazing, poseable, magnetic, hands-free personal task light for any job." Comments: Since at least 2010, I have been arguing that task lighting is a dead category (see my Hex Light review, for example). I have yet to see proof of life. So while this is a cool product, the odds are against it. A few years ago a similar item called Hug Light was also tried. [ss]
  7. Freezy Breezy. Marketer: Lenfest. Producer: Bluewater. Pitch: "Transforms your ordinary fan into a freeze machine." Comments: This struck me as a ghetto air conditioner when I first saw it, and real air conditioners aren't all that expensive these days. I do like the outdoor use, though. [ss]
  9. Fresh Bowl. Marketer: Telebrands. Pitch: "The world's first oral health bowl." Comments: An older 'fast fail' referenced in my recent review of Brush No More. [ss]
  11. Hero Tube. Pitch: "Twist, store, secure. Get organized the easy way." Comments: Amateur hour -- especially with regard to the pricing strategy. [ss]
  13. Hot Stuff. Pitch: "Silicone go pop compacts." Comments: A bizarre commercial by what is obviously a DR dilettante. [ss]
  15. Magic Grill Mat. Pitch: "The non-stick grilling solution that ... keeps your barbecue and oven sparkling clean." Comments: More amateur hour stuff. Spot is here. [ss]
  17. Max Secure. Marketer: IdeaVillage. Pitch: "The first home alarm system for less than $20." Comments: A 'fast fail' written by yours truly. Spot is here. [ss]
  19. Mighty Bite. Starring: Jeff Mancini. Pitch: "The world's only five sense fishing lure." Comments: Another dead category. See my review of Strike 'N Set for further details. [ss]
  21. Perfect Pet Mat. Marketer: Telebrands. Pitch: "The only pet mat that keeps your dog or cat warm in the winter, cool in the summer and ultra-comfy all year long." Comments: Another 'fast fail' written by yours truly. Spot is here. [ss]
  23. Quik Brush. Pitch: "Makes painting quicker and easier in half the time." Comments: I wouldn't call painting a dead category (yet), but its best days are certainly behind it. A case in point: EdgeMaster was a solid hit in 2002. Ten years later, EdgeMaster Pro was tested and never heard from again. [ss]
  25. Super Rope Cinch. Pitch: "Secure anything without tying a knot." Comments: Still more amateur hour stuff. [ss]

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