April 18, 2013


Description: Reusable bamboo towels
Main Pitch: "The un-paper towel"
Main Offer: $10 for 10 towels
Bonus: Double the offer free
Website: www.Bambooee.com
Prediction: Unlikely to succeed

This commercial is a 'fromage' -- a cheesy homage -- to Vince Offer. As for the product, it's trying to compete in a cluttered category dominated by big brands with a product concept that has failed before (see Nano Bamboo).

On a side note, I'll give one free consulting session to the first person who can identify this pitchman's accent. It's very unusual. In fact, the last time I heard it (in a spot for Telebrands' ID Blocker), I thought the audio was going in reverse! [ss]


  1. Sounds Israeli, no?

  2. I think Brazilian?

  3. I think Portuguese. Sounds like Buenos Aires.