February 27, 2013

Weekly Round-Up

Tristar's Magic Glove

  1. Acne Dots. Pitch: "A revolutionary way to target each and every blemish individually." Comments: Neat idea but I think big money is needed to launch a successful acne product these days. [ss]
  3. Butt Shaper. Pitch: "Get the toned, sexy butt you've always dreamed off without going to the gym in just two minutes a day." Comments: Another shot in the dark in the fitness category. [ss]
  5. Magic Glove. Marketer: Tristar. Pitch: "Cleans every surface in your home quickly and easily." Comments: Narrowly focused cleaning gloves (e.g. Scrub Glove) have been tried before without success, so this one went broad -- all over the place, in fact. But the problem with an unfocused position is it loses much of its selling power. It's a DR Catch-22. [ss]
  7. Party in the Tub. Pitch: "Just turn it on, drop it in and let the bathtime party begin." Comments: I like the product, but I'm not sure it's strong enough to support a DRTV camgaign. [ss]
  9. Sweet Roll. Pitch: "The quickest hair styler ever." Comments: Another one of the 50 hair products that will be tried this year. It could be the one that succeeds, but oddds are it will be one of the 49 that doesn't. [ss]
  11. Trillion Dollar Coin. Pitch: "The most controversial legal tender in the history of US coinage." Comments: I like the strategy here. With no retail play, coins are well positioned to take advantage of timely opportunities like this one. Very clever. [ss]

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