February 14, 2013

Weekly Round-Up

The Bowflex Uppercut

  1. Antidote. Producer: Sullivan Productions. Pitch: "The simple, safe, and healthy way to get the salon smooth look you want, instantly!" Comments: The hair-care category, like cosmetics and many other beauty categories, is dominated by powerful brands that spend millions on advertising. That's why random DR entries like this one will always face an uphill battle. [ss]
  3. Bowflex Uppercut. Pitch: "Develop bigger arms, shredded shoulders, rock hard abs and a chiseled chest." Comments: If Perfect Pushup wasn't an outlier, this is a credible candidate for a sequel. The Bowflex people certainly know how to produce a high-quality fitness spot. [ss]
  5. Chef Cradle. Pitch: "The easiest way to roast and serve." Comments: A clever solution to a problem with roasting meat. My question: How often do people roast meat? [ss]
  7. Fresh Sticks. Marketer: Telebrands. Producer: Sullivan Productions. Pitch: "Gets rid of the odors and puts back the freshness." Comments: This is a second attempt (or retail push) without HSN's Joy Mangano as host. The five-problem opening is a bit unusual, but it worked for me because they showed the product and said its name every time. It's an interesting way to present a solution for many problems. [ss]
  9. Obsidian. Pitch: "Slide your way to a toned, chiseled body." Comments: This is an 'Old Gold' item from the 90s, but I can't think of what it was originally called. Shoot me an email if you know. In any case, I have no idea if it can make a comeback. I do recall that an item called Booty Slide was tested twice and didn't go anywhere. [ss]
  11. Whip Magic. Starring: Sandra Dee. Pitch: "The amazing 6-in-1 shaker." Comments: I like the core concept here (see also Blender Bottle), but the '6-in-1' pitch will doom it. Swiss Army products simply don't sell on DRTV, and you can see why when you watch this spot. It gets confusing fast. [ss]
  13. Wave Magic Cooker. Marketer: Telebrands. Pitch: "Anyone can cook like a pro." Comments: According to JWGreenSheet.com, this 'fast fail' was a "ceramic microwave pan designed to prepare many flavorful dishes in five minutes or less." The spot showcased "omelets, poached eggs, shrimp scampi, chocolate soufflé" and other recipes. It seems my theory about the microwave stands.

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