February 06, 2013

Weekly Round-Up

  1. Fur Genie. Marketer: Spark Innovators. Producer: Concepts TV. Pitch: "Magically removes fur from furniture, carpets and more." Comments: Schticky and Sticky Buddy had this problem/solution as part of their pitch. It will be interesting to see how a more narrowly focused product will do. [ss]
  3. Glam Caddy. Pitch: "Organize up to 200 beauty essentials." Comments: Outside of two specific examples (shoes and spices), there is no evidence to support the idea that organization is a viable DRTV category, and every makeup organizer ever tested has failed. [ss]
  5. Lappy. Pitch: "The best ergonomic tablet holder and protective case ever made." Comments: Second attempt. Let's see if book/tablet holders are viable for DRTV. My guess? Not. On a side note, I always find these overly specific superlatives amusing. Oh, of all the ergonomic tablet holders and protective cases out there, this one's the best? Glad they cleared that up. [ss]
  7. Little Black Pant. Pitch: "Simply the best-fitting pants you'll ever own." Comments: This won't work as a straight DR product, but maybe that isn't the play. [ss]
  9. Photo Chest. Marketer: Telebrands. Pitch: "Store up to 4,000 digital photos on this USB flash drive." Comments: This is Telebrands' version of Safe 'N Sound (see #11). [ss]
  11. Poach Master Pro. Marketer: Allstar. Pitch: "Make perfectly poached eggs in your microwave in minutes." Comments: A 'fast fail.' In general, I don't see poached eggs working on DRTV like omelets or hard-boiled eggs do. I think the preference for that style of eggs is much less common. (Spot is still here.) [ss]  

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