December 18, 2012

Like Nu

Description: A sneaker restorer
Main Pitch: "Transforms worn shoes back to brand new in two minutes or less"
Main Offer: $10 for the kit with cleaning brush
Bonus: 2nd complete kit (just pay P&H)
Starring: The ubiquitous Marc Gill
Marketer: Plymouth Direct/Media Enterprises
Producer: Hutton-Miller
Prediction: On the fence

I think there is a need in the marketplace for this sort of product, and the creative is very credible and compelling (as I would expect from this team).

What puts me on the fence, once again, is a negative DRTV history. Years ago, I worked on an ill-fated project with a sneaker-cleaning pitch. Then in December 2011, Telebrands tested Sneaker Saver, which also apparently failed.

As an interesting side note, and just by coincidence, I chose two Hutton-Miller projects today that are second attempts at failed Telebrands projects (the other is Ontel's Crisp It!). Regardless of the outcome of these tests, it's a great opportunity for perpetual students of DR like me to add case studies to our file on the difference a change in creative can make.

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