November 15, 2012


Description: Reusable rug grippers
Main Pitch: "Keep rugs and mats in place ... to prevent slips and trips"
Main Offer: $10 for eight
Bonus: Eight more (just pay P&H)
Marketer: Allstar/Lenfest
Producer: Opfer
Prediction: On the fence

Marketing expert and Jack Trout co-author Steve Rivkin says that one way to innovate is to look at an existing product and ask, "What else could it be?" The famous example of this is John Osher's SpinPop, which became Dr. John's SpinBrush and then P&G's Crest SpinBrush, earning Osher and his partners $475 million.

While this item is likely to earn its inventors much less than that amount, it is an example of the same principle at work. Someone looked at the material used to make Vince Offer's Schticky and Telebrands' Sticky Buddy and asked, "What else could it be?" (The team was no doubt also inspired by the bonus item for their earlier hit, GoJo Hands Free.)

Whatever the case, I like the product and the focus. The product solves a common problem, and the focus is narrow (on rugs), which is usually a good thing in DR.

On the other hand, good DR commercials usually start narrow and then expand with other uses for the product that broaden its appeal. In this case, however, there are no other uses -- and that might limit the appeal.


  1. Bottom line, they do NOT work.
    And when you return them you realize just how much you have been ripped off.

    56.33 Cost of Ruggies (Includes S&H)
    9.00 Our cost to return said garbage
    65.33 Cost
    23.50- Less Amount refunded when returned
    41.83 Total out of pocket expense of ripoff

  2. Red flags:
    1. Their website does not allow you to review purchases before making payment
    2. I ordered two and then inadvertently added another during checkout! Very misleading.
    3. When I received the confirmation e-mail, only then did I learn that S&H was 63% of the product price!! I told them to cancel the order immediately.

    This is absolutely ridiculous and a rip-off! Glad to hear that I did the right thing, since Mr. Moore above states that the product was garbage. Seems just a scheme to charge outrageous S&H charges which are not refundable. I'll venture the cost to ship this product doesn't come anything close to 63%. Shame! Shame! Shame!

  3. This product doesn't work, if I had realized how much the shipping and handling was before I gave my credit card info I would have passed. I returned them hoping to at least get the product price refunded but they didn't even do that, they sent me replacements. Big woop, the first ones didn't work so why would they send more. The ruggies cost was $30 and the shipping was $47.70....shame on me

  4. Thank you for sharing your reviews. I was sorely tempted to order these, as I've tried other things to keep area rugs in place without much luck. But I've never seen only-on-tv products have good reviews, and they are generally known as rip-offs by adding extra things, charging outrageous s&h, and terrible customer service. Seems true here, too. I'll wait to see if they're in stores at a hugely discounted price.