August 02, 2012

Spring True Top 50

(Editor's Note: This posting has been corrected.)

The results are in for March 2012 through the end of May 2012. Here are the True Top 50 hits for the spring:

By a landslide, the True Top Marketer of the spring is Telebrands with a whopping NINE items in the Top 50, one of them new (Orgreenic, Sticky Buddy, Slim Away, Lint Lizard, Slice-O-Matic, Aluma Wallet, Shed Pal, Deep Romance & Bake Pop). Allstar is second with five hits, two of them new or recent (Trendy Top, Magic Mesh, Roto Punch, EZ Eyes and GoJo Hands Free).

As for the True Top Producer of the spring ...

Congratulations to Concepts TV!

This is the first time Concepts has been No. 1. They had an impressive SIX spots in the Top 50, most of them new (Twist N Clip, Shimmer, Stretch Genie, Furniture Fix, Smart Cover & Mr. Lid).

Relative newcomer Bluewater Media takes the runner-up spot with FOUR spots on the list (Thundershirt, Grout Bully, Jack Rack and Booty Slide). Every other producer had three or less on the list.

Finally, there is the matter of my track record. There were few new items on the list this time around, and I sat on the fence or abstained in my reviews for most of them. Some new items have surfaced near the bottom of the list that I predicted would flop, but that's largely because the list has to go to 50, and this was a slow spring. I don't think those items should count.

Think that's unfair? Consider this: The bottom 10 items on the list combined spent 22% less than the #1 item on the list (Orgreenic). More to the point, the average weekly spending for those 10 items during the 13-week period in question was approximately $60,000 -- but that's at rate card. At DR rates, it would be generous to estimate spending at $20,000 per week.

I leave it to you, dear reader, to decide if I should be eating crow on such items. Use the comments section if you want to sound off.

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