August 03, 2012

CORRECTION: Spring True Top 50

No matter how careful I try to be, mistakes creep into my work and new information comes to light. After I posted my Spring True Top 50, I received several emails alerting me to three (!) corrections I need to make:

  1. Concepts TV actually had SIX spots in the Top 50. I was not aware that they produced the spot for Mr. Lid (#48). That doesn't change anything, it just makes their True Top Producer victory all the sweeter!
  3. Along similar lines, Bluewater Media actually had FOUR spots in the Top 50. I was not aware that they produced Booty Slide (#43). That does change something: It puts Bluewater alone at No. 2 in the running for True Top Producer, no longer tied with anyone. Congratulations to them!
  5. Finally, because of the strange way campaigns are sometimes reported, I had Greenberg Direct's Justice Coin on my list twice under two different names. I have now combined the two and re-ranked the list, making that campaign #19. The only thing that really changes: Campaign #51 (10 Minute Trainer), which didn't make the Top 50 before, now makes the list at #50.

All changes have been applied to the original posting. I regret the inaccuracies.

1 comment:

  1. Also Mr. Lid is a joint venture with Harvest Direct which brings them to 5 products in top 50 and on second place together with AllStar:):)