August 21, 2012

KC Railroad Pocket Watch

Description: A pocket watch
Main Pitch: "Commemorates the Old West in all its glory"
Main Offer: $19.99 for one in silver
Bonus: 2nd one in silver for $12.99
Marketer: Telebrands
Prediction: N/A

When I don't understand something an experienced DRTV marketer keeps doing, I stop making predictions and start paying closer attention. Such is the case with this project, which marks the third time Telebrands has put out a product with a nostalgia pitch in the last year. The Olde Brooklyn Lantern was the first, and the Grand Victorian Watch was the second.

Actually, this watch looks exactly like the Grand Victorian. It just has a different story attached to it. Is this another internal duel?


  1. Ordered this back in October, order was canceled by them and now they are offering it at double the price. Can any one say criminal ???

  2. If they were once selling it for 19.99, you know the sum of its parts is worth way less than that!

    Why would anyone now pay 29.99? It sounds like the makers are using history to sell a piece of junk.

  3. No policy 24 hour refund but the people in India have been trained to just replace and will not refund . I had to stop the cc payment because of DOA .

  4. I am a watchmaker myself and i have to say this is just a piece of junk and not worth buying it.