May 14, 2012

Review: Callous Clear

Description: A callous remover
Main Pitch: "Easily removes callouses for spa perfect feet"
Main Offer: $10 for 8 patches, scraper/file and soothing balm
Bonus: Double the order (just pay a separate fee)
Marketer: Telebrands
Producer: Blue Moon Studios
Prediction: Likely to succeed

Foot care has always been a hot DRTV category, especially for the Khubani brothers. Ontel's Miracle Foot Repair was a strong seller for years at retail in the early part of the century. IdeaVillage had a solid hit with Easy Feet in 2010. And of course, Telebrands itself had the largest hit in the category in 2007 with Ped Egg, which is rumored to have outsold Snickers bars at checkout at the height of the retail campaign. As a result, it's a safe bet to predict success for this item.

This item is also a bit reminiscent of Kinoki Foot Pads, an IdeaVillage hit from 2008. But while Kinoki made promises that weren't close to credible, this adhesive pad proves it works with compelling, right-before-your-eyes demos.


  1. Thanks for the product review. There aren't many out there, and I wanted to check out before I forked out the cash. Not many asotv products really work. I saw your profile and wanted to thank you for the EZ Eyes keyboard, as well. I had to buy a keyboard to replace the one my son ruined. This one it's not only easier on the eyes, it has been able to withstand my kindergartner. It was also very reasonably priced, and I love the long cord! Thank you for serving our country, too! ;-)

    1. But does it really work? Is it easy to use? How much is the 'separate fee' for a double order?

  2. Maybe I'm not getting it. So, we don't know if it works or how well? You can't see that anything works by viewing a demo. All crappy ASOTV products have demos that show how great they are. I'd really like to know from someone who has tried this product.

  3. So far, I haven't come across anyone who has actually received the product after having paid for it. Word is this product is a scam! Buyer beware.

  4. I bought the product to try.
    1. It is very messy in use.
    (In the promo they show the footpads being wrapped on the foot. There are no bindings for the footpads included in package, which would help contain the mess.
    2. The instructions are very vague. It does not tell how long to leave removal cream on (only states for a few minutes. 5 minutes did not work effectively on the first foot. Did 10 minutes on the second foot with better results)
    3. Do not expect results as shown on promo. Skin does not JUST PEEL OFF.
    4. The finishing buffer is lame and find my nail file more effective.
    5. The tube of removal cream is for one treatment of both feet, and the pads are not reusable.

    Overall, the product softens skin, soften callouses and reduced the cracking effects on heels.

    If you want to soften the look of your feet, the product will do that but I find the cost of $10.00 plus $6.99 a little costly for the product results.

  5. I agree with this review except for the product softens the skin. My feet were no different. I got the second one for Shipping cost only a total of $23/24 and it was a waste of money. My callouses were not even touched the second foot not done. I should have saved my money and had a pedicure.

    1. I too wasted my money on this product. I knew it wouldn't peel off as shown but thought you could see some signs of removal. The only that peeled off with the scraper was a gooey mess made by the removal gel. Left it on 10 minutes and saw very little difference.