January 12, 2012

Review: Dream Lites

Description: A plush nightlight
Main Pitch: "Turn your child's bedroom ceiling into a starry night sky"
Main Offer: $29.95 for one
Bonus: None
Marketer: Ontel
Producer: Infomercials Inc.
Website: www.DreamLites.com
Prediction: On the fence

I never wrote about it, but Allstar and Hutton-Miller tested a similar product last year. They called it Dreamy Time Turtle [a]. It didn't work, but there were a number of variables involved.

Can Ontel and Infomercials Inc., using the Pillow Pets brand, make a go of this? It's possible. There is some sales history behind the item, and I have always liked the "huggable night light" pitch. If anyone can do it, these guys can.


  1. I ordered the lady bug lite on 2/29 from their website: dreamlites.com. After I did not receive any reply for a couple weeks, I finally called their customer service (1-855-876-1816). I talked to a representative hat was very hard to understand and she informed me that all their products are on back order. Today is 4/30/2012 and I just noticed that I received an e mail on 4/27/2012 which stated that my order has been canceled. I was very confused since I did not cancel my order, so I called customer service again. This time, a lady answered, told me that they are currently not able to view any customer information due to a upgrade and hung up the phone. So I called back, and the second lady started to repeat the same sentence. Before they could hang up on me the second time, I told them that their company is the worst I have ever done (or at least tried to) business with. I advise anybody not to buy this product. You probably wait for a long time until you receive any answer and at the end you will never receive the product. This of course was a big disappointment to my 3 year old!
    As nice as those Dream Lites are presented to be, please do not waste your time. They should definitely be reported and I might just send a letter to BBB.

  2. I ordered one. It arrived at least a month later. It was nice, while it worked, but it stopped working less than 2 months after we received it. Changing batteries does not help--the lights will simply not come on.

  3. After reading these reviews, I am sorry that I ordered. The cost of 38.00 that includes shipping seems very high and has already been charged to my credit card. When I did a tracking on the shipping, it looked like it goes from Athanta Ga. to Los Angeles Calf. I ordered on June 28 and still have not received it. So far, I have not seen a favorable review. Wish I had read them befor I bought, but Grandson, age three, has begged for one. This company apparently don't know how much they can disappoing a child.

  4. Funny how the light when turns on shines behind the kids. Lol can we say fake lighting???

  5. This company has the worst customer service not only did it take forever to get the puppy dreamlite, but when I received it the battery compartment screw was stripped and we could not open. I called and they told me they would have to ship out a return label once they receive the dreamlite back than they would send out another. So maybe 2 months later we might get it. I asked to talk to a manager and they told me he was in an important meeting and would call back. Days later still no call back. I sent an email and still no response. SAVE YOUR MONEY NOT WORTH THE CHEAP PRODUCT OR AGGERVATION!