January 27, 2011

Review: Pajama Jeans (v2)

Description: Pajamas that resemble jeans
Main Pitch: "Look like designer denim jeans," feel "as comfortable as your favorite pajamas"
Main Offer: $39.95 for one
Bonus: Grey crewneck t-shirt
Marketer: Hampton Direct
Producer: Concepts TV
Website: www.PajamaJeans.com
Prediction: On the fence

I've reviewed this item before. About this time last year, it was tested with a different creative. I stand by my comments then because the price is still too high and fashion is the category with the lowest odds of success on DRTV. However, I've moved to being "on the fence" because Concepts did a better commercial (the original is here) and the item remains completely unique in the marketplace from what I can tell.

This may be one of those items women "just gotta have" and are willing to spend a little extra on. It also solves a problem (it grows with you, to be polite) that will resonate with women and is reminiscent of what Cami Secret accomplished. Finally, and this may be biasing my opinion the most given what happened with Shake Weight, the ladies of The View loved it!

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