January 23, 2010

Weekly Round-Up

  1. Air Hogs Vectron Wave ($29.95). A UFO hover craft from Spin Direct. Pitch: "Altitude-sensing technology" means it "knows what's beneath it and hovers above it." www.VectronWave.com
    Prediction: Likely to succeed
    Spin has a lock on what young boys want. I don't see why this Air Hog toy wouldn't do as well as other toys in the line.
  2. Hoodie-Footie Snuggle Suit ($49.95). Slippers, pajamas and a hoodie combined, from The Vermont Teddy Bear Company. Pitch: "All of the most comfortable things you own .. together into one big hug you can wear." www.HoodieFootie.com
    Prediction: Unlikely to succeed
    Note to all would-be DRTV marketers: Snuggie is an outlier. I know it's a hugely successful outlier, but it's an outlier nonetheless. If you want to avoid losing a lot of money, stop trying to replicate its success. Especially at $50!
  3. Pajama Jeans ($39.95). Sweats that look like jeans from The Vermont Teddy Bear Company. Pitch: "The styling of your favorite jeans together with the comfort of pajamas." www.PajamaJeans.com
    Prediction: Unlikely to succeed
    Unlike the Hoodie-Footie, this item is new and different. I can see it selling at retail. But because of the price and the category, this one won't work on DRTV.
  4. Smart Night Light ($19.95). A solar-powered outdoor light from Simon Wright. Pitch: "Transforms the dark of night into light and bright ... no wiring, electricity or extension cords required." www.SmartNightLight.com
    Prediction: Unlikely to succeed
    Most houses have a wired outside light, so I'm not sure why anyone would need this.
  5. The SKrAPr ($19.99). A surface scraper from Handy Home Products. Pitch: "Will remove virtually any unwanted substance from any smooth surface in seconds ... without scratching." www.TheSkrapr.com
    Prediction: Bomb
    Scrapers are a commodity item no matter how hard you pitch them.
  6. Airless Water Valve (2 pay of $19.95). A mechanical valve that prevents your water meter from reading air. Pitch: "Save up to 40% on your water bill." Starring pitcher Orlando "El Duke" Hernandez. www.AirlessValve.com
    Prediction: Bomb
    Too expensive, requires installation and targets the cheapest of the utility bills. Oh, and Mr. Hernandez should definitely stick to baseball.
  7. IntelliEar ($14.95). A sound amplifier that resembles a Bluetooth ear piece. Pitch: "Improve your hearing and enhance your image." www.IntelliEar.com
    Prediction: Bomb
    Third to market (after IdeaVillage's Loud 'N Clear and Emson's Silver Sonic XL) with a me-too solution. And the spot is laughably bad.


  1. ahahaha IntelliEar is friggin hilarious spot. wow. haven't seen anything that bad in a while!

  2. I've used the SKrAPr, and it prfectly cleaned my glass top stove, with no scratches, unlike the razor blade I was told to use.
    I give it a 10+. Oh, and it also worked great for my lasagna dish.