January 24, 2010

Review: Wiper Wizard

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Description: A gadget for resurfacing wiper blades
Main Pitch: "Make old windshield wipers work like new in just seconds"
Main Offer: $10 for one with five Wizard Wipes (microfiber cloths)
Bonus: Double the offer (just pay P&H)
Starring: Richie "Bulldog"
Marketer: Howard-Boscher
Website: www.GetWiperWizard.com
Prediction: Likely to succeed

This campaign has most of the S7 qualities. It solves a common problem. It's different. And Telebrands' Windshield Wonder proved there's a market for these types of solutions. So will this campaign succeed? It really depends on two things.

First, will people want to clean and resurface their wiper blades when replacing them is an easy option? At Sears.com, quality wiper blades are available from as little as $6.99. The average price is likely higher than that, but not high enough to make this a compelling money-saver. So it has to be convenience that drives this purchase, and I'm not sure that's motivating enough.

Two, how will people react to Richie "Bulldog" as a pitchman? He's clearly an amateur, so his success or failure will depend on whether people like his personality. I'm skeptical. If the spot doesn't produce good results, I would test a "product as hero" version next.

Otherwise, this is one of those items I can see catching on. It just depends on how big the "auto solutions" category really is.


  1. The Wiper Wizard works for me for the following reasons. One, putting on new blades can be like trying to solve a Chinese puzzle (and this is from someone who's worked on cars all his life!)-- good point there. Two, Richie's right -- you don't think about new blades until the next time you use yours and the windshield streaks. It's handy to keep in the glove box or trunk and is simple to use. Three, the cost of a blade replacement may be cheap, but they can start to streak in only a couple of weeks from new.

    As to whether Richie will work as a pitchman, he may need to refine his "shtick" but he sounds like a Billy May clone. The same energy, enthusiasm, and "gee, you just gotta buy this cool product!" Billy used. I think he'll work out fine.

  2. If it really does work the way explained, it's a good product. But I can't help but feel scepticism for some reason. Maybe it's the bad taste left in my mouth from other infomercials :p

    Btw check this out:


  3. You need to live in winter climate to fully appreciate this product. Ice build up damages wipers a lot more than rain. I have to replace wipers every year. And even then, by the end of the winter they are guaranteed to streak.

  4. In the "asseenontv" kiosks in malls and other stores that have an "asseenontv" section, this product is selling like hotcakes!

  5. I notice it effectively 'clips' onto the stiff blade backing strip so it can run back and forth.
    Trouble is with that is that blades are held onto spring backs with a clip, which would prevent tool from 'sanding' that end point, in turn leaving a step in the blade maybe.
    I'm also a bit iffy with the spring mechanism in the tool itself as most of my blades twist eventually, so to press a spring on them will not fix the blade edge at all. Sorry, I won't get one just because I'm an engineer. Bri

  6. I Bought one of these thing and I never have to replace my bladeeessss Niceeeee!!!

  7. I bought one and it tore the rubber clean off my old blade so I had to buy a replacement before I would have done so. $37.00 for one blade. Not cheap. : (

  8. I had the same problem with the one I bought yesterday. The rubber was ripped clean off. I was definitely not impressed!

  9. this tool is called a 'wiper wizard' and comes from site called 'www.getwiperwizard.com' It is also crap of the lowest grade. It destroys blades because they are thin soft rubber with a square scraper edge which this daft mechanism simply folds over and ruins or tears off.

    It MUST NOT BE confused with a really GOOD and well thought out tool called a 'WIPER-WIZARD' . Please note the HYPHEN between the words. The actual url is www.wiper-wizard.com . This tool was designed by a professional engineer and works beautifully. No garbage about 'micro crystals' and such B-dust.