December 09, 2010

Review: Royal Ring

Description: A replica of Lady Di's engagement ring
Main Pitch: "Celebrate the royal engagement with this timeless heirloom ring"
Main Offer: $39.90 for one
Includes: Velveteen box, certificate of authenticity
Marketer: Telebrands
Prediction: ?

This is not my area of expertise, but I see a lot to like here. Hits like the Obama coin proved DRTV marketers can capitalize on the public's momentary passion for certain figures.

I guess success or failure really depends on how excited the American public is about these events in England. Lady Di certainly made anglophiles of a lot of people. Perhaps her son and her ring have the same power, which would create an interesting play on the words "halo effect."

1 comment:

  1. I hope other people see this... I ordered this ring for my girlfriend and received the ring promptly through the mail after 7 days... no problems so far. The day after I received the ring I got a call from a restricted number. The lady on the phone called me and thanked me for buying the RoyalRing. She then informed me that they had my credit card on file, and were going to send me the earrings and necklace. I told the lady no thank you, I had not ordered these pieces. She then told me that they had already been shipped and that my credit card would be billed for $51.00 if I did not send the 2 pieces back to them within 7 days.

    I ended up getting into a fight with the lady over the phone about how unethical their company is and just how poorly they treat their customer base. I am pissed off and I hope other guys will read this and not give this company business. I am trying to comment on all of the reviews for the RoyalRing! This is an illegal act that I have become a part of and will not stand for this. I will get my credit card company and what ever other authorities necessary to ensure this does not happen to other people.