June 06, 2010

Introducing 'The True Top 50'

(Editor's Note: This posting has been corrected.)

UPDATE: The campaigns ranked 9, 14, 25 and 49 have been revised to reflect the specific product name instead of the marketer (special thanks to Abraham F. for his assistance).

Welcome to the inaugural posting of The True Top 50, a new monthly feature of The SciMark Report provided by Eddie Wilders, research director for Lockard & Wechsler Direct.

This feature will be a familiar chart of top DRTV hits -- with a few key differences we believe make it more "true" than other rankings.

First, we will only focus on traditional, two-minute commercials for DRTV products in an attempt to screen out companies who do not measure orders or leads the same way "pure" DR players do. Second, our ranking will be based solely on TV household GRP delivery as reported by TNS Media Intelligence, the gold standard for ad tracking.

Without further delay, here's the chart for April 2010:

Note: The chart is for April because it takes about 30 days for TNS to process and assign ratings.

Of course no ranking, no matter how "true," can ever be 100% objective. We admit that we are making certain judgment calls and invite you to participate in a "peer review" of our work. Click here to see the entire list (links to PDF). Then, feel free to use the Comments section to share your thoughts, praise or criticism.

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