June 01, 2010

June Media Outlook: Not Pretty

It looks like June is going to be a tough month for DRTV advertisers.

Today Lockard & Wechsler Direct issued a press release warning that "lower than expected Primetime viewership on many major cable networks" will likely reduce media availability this month.

Long story short, general advertisers paid upfront for X amount of viewer eyeballs this quarter. But as the quarter nears its close, LW's analysis shows many stations aren't going to deliver what was promised. The solution: Stations will use the remnant airtime DRTV advertisers normally buy at discounted rates to "make good."

Or as Dick Wechsler puts it:

“The networks want to enter Third Quarter with their guaranteed contracts fully satisfied ... As a result, the networks with down viewership will likely use available inventory to fulfill their contractual GRP commitments before the close of Second Quarter on June 27.”

The full release is here.

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