July 13, 2010

CORRECTION: May True Top 50 Revised

Because of how TNS presents information, campaigns airing different commercials at the same time appear multiple times on a report. This led to two "repeats" (HT: Bob K.) on the original version of the May True Top 50.

The error has since been corrected. The highest-ranked commercial stayed and the lower-ranked commercial was removed from the chart. That opened up two slots, so Plaque Attack has re-joined the Top 50 as No. 49, and Ab Circle Pro has re-joined as No. 50. Both items have slipped in the rankings, month over month. The former was No. 34 and the latter was No. 44 in April.

Looking at the chart in this new light, Little Giant Blueberry, which we had listed as "NR" originally, did appear on the chart in April. It was No. 46. That means the campaign is on the rise, moving up 14 spots to No. 32.

This same confusion had a minor effect on April's chart as well, which has also been updated. The single change: The lower-ranked version of one campaign that appeared twice was removed, and Lipozene entered the Top 50. That means that campaign is also on the rise, up eight spots to No. 42 in May.

We'll try to make sure the True Top 50 is more "true" in the future!

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