March 13, 2009

Review: EZ Cracker

Description: A device for cracking eggs (raw or hardboiled) and separating egg whites
Main Pitch: "Let's you crack eggs easily without the mess"
Main Offer: $19.95 for one
Bonus: Free Bacon Wave (microwave bacon cooker)
Marketer: Emson
Producer: Unknown
Product (D7) Score: 4 out of 7
Commercial Rating: Good

I've seen few weaker problems on DRTV than the one found in the opening of this commercial: "No matter how you crack them [eggs], you always end up picking out eggshells."

One of the first things I learned about cooking as a child was how to avoid this problem. For the 2% of people who lack the coordination to acquire this basic skill, this product will be a must-have. For the rest of us, it's just silly.


  1. Jack H./ Horsham, PADecember 21, 2009 at 7:14 PM

    It's the worst piece-of-crap I EVER made the mistake of ordering!!! The egg INSIDES don't come out without having to move the egg within the holding rings. IT'S JUNK!!!
    Their website only allows for the BIAS "testimonials"...nothing negative (NO SURPRISE THERE?!)

  2. This truely is a piece of junk. I would never recommend this product to anyone. It crushed the egg shell, scrambled the yolk even before it got out of the egg, which makes using the attachment to seperate the egg whites useless. I had to work to get the anything to actually come out. They will also call you afterward and try to automatically sign you up for a service and will try to not allow you to cancel that service at that time. I’m still waiting to make sure they do not charge my card for anything else at which time I am going to get Visa to go after them. Do Not Buy This Product

  3. Ok, I got this for Christmas. I hoped it was a joke, but the giver was serious about it. I used it the next morning for my scrambled eggs. Well, it's a good thing I was scrambling my eggs. This thing is JUNK! There were pieces of shell in my eggs (never there before...I CAN break an egg!) and there is NO way you could use the seperator thing! Don't waste your money....mine is in the trash with the other Christmas refuse!

  4. My mom gave me one as a joke (she picked one up one for $5 closeout at a local store). It actually works pretty well, although I can't see myself using it that often.

    One reason I would use it (probably the only reason) is that it does make egg yolk separation very easy.

    A major fault of the product is that it is NOT dishwasher safe.

  5. I have never tried this product, but lately I have seen many ads.

    I have never seen, or laughed so hard at such a ludicrous product!

    the intentions of the inventor maybe genuine. I can cook and can say with certainty that anyone who is thinking of buying this product probably wouldn't know how to cook the egg in the first place. And at $20 it's not even a good gag gift either.(LOL! what are they making like $18 a piece off these things?)

  6. This is a terrible product! I sent it back and got a refund. It never even creacked the egg - just pierced a nice hold and then all the shell pieces would fall into the bowl anyways! Would be a good idea if it actually worked right!

  7. If it cracked an "Ostrich" egg, then, I might, just might tho', be interested :)

  8. This thing is INDEED a piece of crap! Believe this, it breaks yolks more than you can, and it also puts pieces of shell in your pan. To separate yolks? Forget it. It's also useless as an egg separator, and does NOT work for hard boiled eggs at all. A TOTAL WASTE OF MONEY.

  9. Tried it just ONCE .......... crap !!
    Binned it straight away !!

  10. PIECE OF CRAP!!!!!