March 13, 2009

Review: The Toothbrush Solution

Description: A container of solution that disinfects toothbrushes
Main Pitch: "Effectively eliminates 99.99% of the germs that contaminate your toothbrush"
Main Offer: $19.95 for one container
Bonus: Second container free (just pay S&P)
Marketer: Unknown
Producer: Unknown

Product (D7) Score: 5 out of 7
Commercial Rating: Good

Sometimes I feel compelled to write about an item for research purposes only. What I mean is: I know the item isn't going to appear on the charts, so I could just let it go "down the memory hole." However, posting about these items creates a valuable database of who's tested what, which can come in handy when trying to dissuade someone from testing that same product down the road.

Coming to the point, there's been enough interest in toothbrush sanitizers (mostly UV ones) that I thought it worthwhile to "log" this one.

Why will this fail? There are many reasons, but the big one is that only serious germaphobes think about or care about the microscopic organisms living on their toothbrushes. The other 90% of consumers could care less, and they won't change their behavior on the off chance it might lessen the severity of a future cold.

As with the Green Market, the Germaphobe Market can be hard to quantify because some anti-germ products have successfully crossed over to the mainstream (e.g. Purell). But like Green products that succeed in the mass market, there has to be some other factor driving sales. With Green products, it's increased efficacy and/or saving money. With Germaphobe products, it tends to be convenience. Take Purell. It's popular because it's more convenient than washing your hands all the time, and washing your hands is already an established behavior.

Bottom line: Products for hard-core germaphobes, like this one, have about as much chance at success as products for hard-core Greens.

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