January 27, 2009

Review: One Touch Slicer

Description: Cordless automatic food slicer with detachable tray that catches as it cuts
Main Pitch: "The fast, easy, safe way to slice"
Main Offer: $19.95 with slicing and shredding blades
Bonus: Thick blade and julienne blade
Marketer: ARM
Producer: Unknown
Website: www.OneTouchSlicer.com

Product (D7) Score: 5 out of 7
Commercial Rating: Good

This is the fourth or fifth product (I've lost track) in a line of products that started with the One Touch Can Opener, a DRTV hit. Subsequent products have struggled on DRTV. This is what I call the "curse of the line extension." For some reason, no matter how good the product, it's difficult to make a line extension work on DRTV (or anywhere else, some might argue).

There are a few notable exceptions. The "Touch" line of hair removal products put out by IdeaVillage and the "Mighty" line of household repair products put out by Media Enterprises seem to have defied the curse. But even in those cases, two hits is the maximum I've seen. For this reason, it's unlikely this Nth-to-market product will succeed.

In addition, although this item does meet five of the D7 criteria, it fails in two critical categories for this type of item. The first is uniqueness. That's because there's been a glut of slicer/dicers lately. National Express's "Vidalia" line is a case in point (speaking of endless line extensions). The second is credibility. A cordless power slicer for $20? Too good to be true. When it comes to items with blades, people are especially skeptical.

As for the commercial, it utilizes most of the 10 techniques. My only criticism is of the demos. The slicer cuts at a snail's pace, which adds to the quality perception problem.

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