December 16, 2021

Industry News: Impact Labs Grand Opening

Impact Products — the supply-chain management firm owned and operated by my business partner Bill Quarless — has announced the grand opening of a state-of-the-art product development and testing facility. They're calling it "Impact Labs." They also released the cool video above to showcase its capabilities.

More from today's press release:

Housed in a dedicated space in downtown Kowloon, Impact Labs is staffed by an experienced team of engineers and other product scientists. It features several cutting-edge testing rooms, including a fire room and water room, as well as advanced design tools such as 3D printing equipment...

Other Impact Labs capabilities include a temperature chamber for life-testing products and simulating various extreme conditions in temperature and humidity, Quarless said. In addition, the new facility has many high-tech machines such as electronic microscopes, a sphere-spectroradiometer device and thermal-imaging cameras. “There’s even an archery range for high-impact and projectile testing,” he added.

Fun fact: You can see Impact Labs showcased throughout my Forever Wallet commercial. Thanks to the team over at Paddock Productions, we were able to 'remote produce' many of the torture-test demos you see in the spot using the new facility.

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