August 03, 2020

New & True: Angel Sleeper

Description: An orthopedic pillow
Pitch: "Designed to give back and side sleepers a better night's sleep"
Offer: $39.99 for one (standard size)
Bonus: Buy two, get free shipping
Brand: Copper Fit
Marketer: IdeaVillage
Producer: Blue Reef
Rank: No. 7*
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This tested in the fall of last year. In 2019, all of the major marketers tried at least one pillow.

Tests included Allstar's Slumber Zone; Emson's Better Comfort, Zip Sense and U-Fill Pillow; Ontel's Cool Gel Pillow and Adjustable Miracle Bamboo Pillow; and Telebrands' Egg Sleeper.

So far, this is the only one to make it to "New & True."

* DRMetrix Weekly Top 40, Short Form Week 31 (Source: AdSphere)

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