April 08, 2020

Industry News: The Number is $17.9 Billion

In a new press release cheekily titled, "17.9 Billion Reasons Consumer-Response TV Advertising is Here to Stay," DRMetrix CEO Joseph Gray has revealed updated figures from his AdSphere 5 x 5 Industry Study.

According to the release, "$17.9 billion of national ad spending last year went to TV commercials that ask consumers to take action, such as by visiting a website or going to an app store."

Gray explains:

“Last year was another year of growth for the industry. That said, we’re definitely seeing an overall decline in recent weeks due to Covid-19. While we expect to see a downturn overall in advertising expenditures for 2020, we are seeing sectors of the industry actually increasing spend during this time.

“To help measure more recent impacts to the industry, we have created a television frequency tracking page on our website to provide insights on which sectors of the industry are increasing/decreasing frequency on national television.”

You can read the complete release here, download a free copy of the updated report here and visit the coronavirus impact tracker here.

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