March 24, 2016

Wonder Ears

Description: Sound-amplifying headphones
Main Pitch: "Helps you hear so everything is clear"
Main Offer: $19.99 for one
Bonus: Clear TV key (just pay P&H)
Starring: Brian Hyder
Marketer: Tristar
Watch the spot

This is a cross between MyZone Headphones (2012) and Listen Up (2007), Loud 'N Clear (2009) and several other hit sound amplifiers from years past. That is to say, there's a strong category history here. Yet I'm still not loving this project.

The issue for me is the design, which I can tell was inspired by a regular seller called TV Ears. The issue is that design limits the functionality of the product. It really only works for watching TV (hence the name). The commercial tries to sell it as a portable sound amplifier as well, but the key to that pitch is to have the product be compact and discreet -- and this is anything but.

S7 Analysis: Even with its limitations, this product meets all of the important criteria for DRTV, especially in that it's targeted properly. Although I don't love it, I can see it rolling out -- especially since TV Ears' cheapest unit is still more than $100.

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