January 07, 2016

Weekly Round-Up

  1. Rust-Oleum ReColor by Wipe New. Starring: Beau Rials. Pitch: "A factory finish in minutes without ever repainting." Comments: I've always been a fan of Beau's work, and he delivers here again with a solid commercial chock-full of compelling demos. My problems with the project are product and brand related. Specifically, the product seems like nothing we haven't already seen from this marketer, and it has one too many brand names. I'm not a big fan of umbrella brands to begin with, but two umbrella brands is a recipe for confusion ... and brand confusion is a word-of-mouth killer. [ss]
  3. Miracle Plate. Pitch: "Keeps meals hot and fresh up to 30 minutes longer." Comments: This product addresses an occasional problem (at best) that is easily solved by reheating in the microwave. [ss]
  5. Raptor Wrap. Pitch: "Insanely strong fiber glass repair wrap." Comments: This is a second attempt to make the Fiber Fix concept work in short form. If Lori Greiner, the "shark" who originally sold it out on QVC, Beau Rials and the Allstar-Bluewater team couldn't make it work ... [ss]
  7. Wall Dazzle. Marketer: SAS Group. Pitch: "The incredible peel and stick chalkboard." Comments: This pitch starts with a contrived problem and then takes a quick turn into arts-and-crafts territory. That's the trouble in working with products that don't meet the DRTV criteria. [ss]
  9. ZeroMed. Marketer: Telebrands. Pitch: "Change your life through your ears ... magnetic pressure on your outer ear [helps] curb cigarette cravings." Comments: A total flyer with low credibility and high risk. Also an apparent 'fast fail.' [ss]

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