November 12, 2015

Weekly Round-Up

  1. Bacon Boss. Pitch: "Perfectly brown, juicy, crispy and flat bacon from the microwave or oven." Comments: This is the second bacon item in as many weeks (see Bacon Bake). I don't think 'perfect bacon' is a strong enough idea to generate an impulse purchase. The Bacon Bowl was interesting and different -- a new way to enjoy bacon. This is merely perfecting the old way, which is probably 'good enough' for most people. [ss]
  3. Happy Toezy Friends. Pitch: "The feet-warming slippers with mouths that have zippers." Comments: IdeaVillage had a good run with Infomercials Inc.'s Stompeez from 2012-2013, but those were visually interesting slippers that had play value. These have neither, and the primary benefit (warm feet) is better suited to adults. [ss]
  5. Side Paws. Marketer: National Express. Pitch: "Keep your dog or cat close without sacrificing a good night's sleep." Comments: An expensive ($40) contraption designed for a segment of a segment. [ss]

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