October 15, 2015

Dump Diet

Description: A diet cookbook
Main Pitch: "Makes preparing dinner and losing weight easier than ever before"
Main Offer: $10 for one
Bonus: 100 Calorie Snack Book (just pay a separate fee)
Starring: Cathy Mitchell
Marketer: Telebrands

This is really just an FYI or 'post for posterity' as we are well past the discussion phase when it comes to Telebrands and books. I have no data on how well these Dump books have sold. That would be interesting to know. 

Until then, I'll have to stick to making jokes. Today's joke: They're probably going to need to change the name since 'dump diet' has already been trademarked by the makers of the diet pill Alli ... (rim shot) Thank you! Don't forget to tip your waitress!

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