September 27, 2015

DRTV Pop Quiz (3)

Time is running out to sign up for my "What Every DRTV Professional Should Know" seminar at the 2015 ERA D2C Convention, which takes place Monday, October 5 between 1 and 4 pm. You know you want to go, so I'll wait while you visit the page for the event ...

All signed up? Great. Still not convinced you should attend? I get it. Either way, take my third and final quiz below to see where you stand:

  1. According to hit lists from the last several years, what is the No. 1 category for DRTV products?
  3. Name two appropriate uses for a 'split screen.'
  5. What famous advertising concept, introduced in a seminal 1981 book by the same name, describes how to differentiate a product in the mind?

Take a moment to ponder -- or perhaps to sign up for my seminar after all :-) -- and then take a look below to see how you did.

Here are the answers:

  • The No. 1 category for DRTV products, by far, is kitchen/cooking. See the end note (1) below for a list of every hit I jotted down during a recent examination of the last five years. I'll go over the other top categories, and the bad categories as well, during the seminar.
  • Two appropriate uses for a 'split screen' are comparing (e.g. a side-by-side demonstration) and contrasting (e.g. before and after). During the seminar, we'll explore more than 10 techniques for making DRTV commercials that sell.
  • The advertising concept that describes how to differentiate a product in the mind is "positioning." It was introduced in 1981 by Al Ries and Jack Trout in a book titled, "Positioning: The Battle for Your Mind." Mr. Ries has two cameos in my presentations for the seminar (his concepts, that is).

For those keeping score at home, this was actually my fourth quiz. The first appeared on the ERA blog in July. The others are here and here.

See you in Vegas!


(1) Here's that list of kitchen/cooking hits (in alphabetical order): AeroKnife, Bacon Wave, Bake Pop, Chef Basket, Chop Magic, Dump Cakes, Edge of Glory, Eggies, Miracle Grill Mat/Yoshi Grill & Bake Mat, Orgreenic, Pasta Boat, Perfect Pancake/Flip Jack, Perfect Bacon Bowl, Perfect Brownie, Perfect Meatloaf, Perfect Tortilla, Pop Chef, Potato Express, Samurai Pro, Slap Chop, Slice-O-Matic, Stone Dine, Stone Wave, Stufz, Yoshi Blade, Yoshi Blue.

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