August 27, 2015

Sonic Groom

Description: A grooming tool for men
Main Pitch: "The world's first trimmer to combine sonic power with MicroTouch technology"
Main Offer: $39.99 for one
Bonus: Grooming kit (free)
Brand: MicroTouch
Marketer: IdeaVillage
Watch the spot

This is the male version of Yes! by Finishing Touch except "sensa-light technology" has been replaced with "sonic power." Since both products are really just trimmers with fancy lights (one pink and one blue), I suppose any explanation for how it works is possible. But why stray from the association with No! No! and the possibility of again drafting off their impressions?

My guess is that while "great for men" is part of the No! No! pitch, the product is perceived to be mainly for women. Yet I can't think of any association for "sonic," so it seems to me that something would be better than nothing. Plus, the lack of association also removes the value comparison that was being used to justify the higher price.

As for the commercial, it represents a new twist on the drafting strategy in that it seeks to leverage the impressions being generated by the latest Mission Impossible movie. I guess it was inevitable that the product followers would also become creative followers when the opportunity presented itself.

S7 Analysis: IdeaVillage has clearly demonstrated, with an unprecedented string of successes, that hair-removal products meet all of the criteria for DRTV. The only possible shortcoming here is whether the commercial will be clear given this is a bit of a Swiss Army product. That didn't seem to matter in the case of MicroTouch Switchblade, a mid-year 2014 True Top Spender, but then that was a simpler product and pitch (i.e. there was no blue light or sonic technology to explain).

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