July 23, 2015

Mighty Mend It: Old Gold?

Current Name: Liqui Sew
Starring: Brian Hyder
Current Marketer: Tristar
Original Hit Year: 2008 (No. 61 on the JW Annual)
Original Marketer: Media Enterprises/Plymouth Direct
Watch the spot

While it has been long enough for this Phoenix to rise again, the failure of mega-hit Mighty Putty to have a second life (as Mighty Putty Purple) does not bode well for this project. Of course, this project doesn't bear the "Mighty" name -- for better or worse. In fact, it bears the name of the original live-shopping hit that inspired Mighty Mend It.

This is actually the second time this brand has been tried on DRTV. The first time was after the huge success of Mighty Putty and immediately following the introduction of Mighty Mend It. Maybe now that it's not second to market behind a hot brand, it will find success.

As for the commercial, I continue to admire the hard-working Hyder. There hasn't been a pitchman this willing to put his safety on the line to make an exciting commercial since the late, great Billy Mays.

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