July 29, 2015

Dueling Phone Holders

Fone Ring

Main Pitch: "A secure, single-handed hold while texting, browsing, chatting or snapping"
Main Offer: $10 for one with phone hook
Bonus: 2nd one with phone hook (just pay S&H)
Marketer: American Direct
Producer: Rocket Response
Watch the spot

Wedding Ring

Main Pitch: "The must-have accessory for your smart phone"
Main Offer: $10 for one in black
Bonus: 2nd one in white (free)
Marketer: Telebrands
Watch the spot

According to a study conducted last year, marketers went 0 for 15 in the category of phone and tablet accessories. I've mentioned before how DRTV is like gambling. Ask yourself: Would you sit down at a table with those odds?

By the way, that statistic also tracks with what I've recorded on this blog. In fact, the only type of phone accessory that has been successful is phone holders for the car. Allstar's GripGo was a 2013 True Top Spender, and Emson's Clever Grip looks like it will make the list for this year. Outside the car, phone holders have not fared well. Years ago, Ontel had a limited run with a product called Smart Clip. That's probably the best-case scenario here.

As for the creative, both went after the 'married to your phone' joke. I don't think it works well as humor, let alone a sales pitch, but I guess you have to do something clever when the product presents like an item you'd get out of a gumball machine. Speaking of which, these offers are going to be a tough sell. Telebrands elected not to charge an additional fee for the second one, which I think is the right move given the perceived value.

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