February 21, 2012

The True Top 50 of 2011

The results are in at last! Here are the True Top 50 hits of 2011:

All that's left is to announce the top marketer and producer of 2011. Drumroll please!

First, the True Top Marketer of the Year. And the winner is ...

Allstar Products Group!

Allstar dominated last year with nine hits in the top 50. They are: Swivel Store, Perfect Meatloaf, Forever Lazy, Magic Mesh (thank you, thank you), EZ Moves, Eggies, Sift & Toss, Wonder File and Style Snaps. Telebrands comes in second with seven hits, and IdeaVillage is third with four hits. Plymouth Direct/Media Enterprises gets an honorable mention for having three hits on the list.

Next, the True Top Producer of the Year. And the winner is ...

Hutton Miller!

Hutton Miller easily outdid the competition last year with eight hits in the top 50. They are: Gyro Bowl, Fast Brite, EZ Moves, iRenew, Dream Look, Eggies, Slushy Magic and Style Snaps. Blue Moon is second with five hits, and Concepts TV is third with three hits. The Schwartz Group gets an honorable mention because if I hadn't cut the list off at 50, they would have vied for third.

Congratulations to the winners!

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