October 17, 2011

Weekly Round-Up

Slim pickings these last few weeks, so here are some quick reviews just to keep you up to date:

  1. Edge of Glory. Starring: Anthony Sullivan. Marketer: Telebrands. Producer: Sullivan Productions. Pitch: "Put the 'sharp' back into your old knives." Comments: There would be nothing wrong with this test if it wasn't attempt No. 5 at selling a knife sharpener on TV this year. In fact, this is the third attempt to sell this exact sharpener, following Tristar's Kleva Sharp and SAS Group's Samurai Pro. With the exception of the credit-card demo (new and very cool) and perhaps the Lady Gaga reference, there is nothing in this commercial to suggest this team has discovered something the others missed. [a]
  2. Heel Dock. Pitch: "The first and only solution to scuffed heels and worn floor mats." Comments: Another solution in search of a problem. [a]
  3. Leak-2-O. Pitch: "Stop that leak before it becomes a flood." Marketer: Allstar. Producer: Producers Direct. Comments: Cool item, but it's trying to sell prevention. [a]
  4. Pedi Spin. Pitch: "The ultimate foot-smoothing miracle you've been waiting for." Marketer: IdeaVillage. Producer: Concepts TV. Comments: Thera Spin re-imagined and re-launched. I'm still on the fence, but the timing is getting better. [a]
  5. Perfect Pot. Pitch: "Measures like a measuring cup, steams like a steamer, strains like a colander ... and it pours like a ladle." Starring: Darlene Cahill. Marketer: IdeaVillage. Producer: Hutton-Miller. Comments: This one violates my "Swiss Army knife" rule. Not surprised this site is down. [a]
  6. Rollee Pollee. Pitch: "The only self-containing napping system." Comments: This might be a good idea if Pillow Pets and Happy Nappers didn't exist. Since they do, it's little more than an 'also ran' with much weaker creative, especially that jingle! [a]
  7. Strutz. Pitch: "The human shock absorber that helps alleviate foot pain." Marketer: Ontel. Comments: Although the product tries to be different, it's really just an insole -- and insoles are on my "bad categories for DRTV" list. Simply put, they never work. As for the creative, it also tries to be different by using a jingle and a cartoon character. I don't think such things add value in a (non-kid) DRTV spot. [a]

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