August 31, 2011

The Death of Impulse Buying?

Sometimes consumers take over my reviews and use them to exchange information about a product. This recent comment has become typical:

"I was almost ready to order these and decided to check the review and comments. I no longer have the urge to impulse shop for these ... Thanks for the info. I know better anyway but just needed some backup."

It's worth reflecting on what this behavior, which I think becomes more common every day, will mean for our industry.


  1. I highly agree... I believe a lot of people are waiting. With all the review sites out there, why waste your time and money if everyone else says it doesn't work. It's a shame cause that could throw off a lot of the "testing" of market response.

  2. For the last several years I have been telling clients that consumer behavior is changing. Back in the day, there was a toll free number, no URL. Once the consumer became empowered with the ability to order a product online, at their convenience, the impulse buy began to decline. The consumer "knows" there is no urgency to call now, the offer will be there tomorrow and online anytime they want it. They can "research" any product for quality and price and we see this behavior taking hold across the board. The times...they are a changin'.....

  3. I agree with the above. Also, I think the years of marketers putting out marginal products has come home to roost. After someone buys something like the Eggie, and then gets it home, any finds out that it creates more problems than it solves, they will think twice about impulse buying next time and in the future.