September 09, 2010

Review: 30 Second Hair

Description: Hair in a can
Main Pitch: "You can have great-looking hair instantly with no mess for just pennies a day"
Main Offer: $14.95 for one bottle (30-day supply)
Bonus: 2nd bottle (just pay S&P) plus Volumizing Mist
Marketer: Howard-Boscher
Prediction: Unlikely to succeed

I don't have research to back this up, but my instincts tell me that people with thinning hair have shopped everywhere for a solution to their problem. If that's true, then they've no doubt discovered Toppik, the leading "hair in a can" product. And that means this product won't seem new and exciting. It will seem like a knockoff of something that's been on the market for some time. (Ron Popeil's original "hair in a can," GLH, is even still on the market.)

That only leaves one other rationale for pursuing this campaign: This is a value play. However, a regular bottle of Toppik is $21.95, which means the price difference here isn't going to motivate many people off the couch.

1 comment:

  1. This is China garbage in a can, God only knows what the ingredients are. Try to ask them for an msds sheet and see what happens. Also I believe "30 second hair" is a trademark for Spencer Forest the makers of "Toppik" as I see it in a lot of there advertising.