August 26, 2010

Review: Zone Dancing

Description: A dance fitness program with a device that provides tension
Main Pitch: "The hottest new fitness sensation"
Main Offer: $29.99 for Zone Sculptor and three dance/workout DVDs
Bonus: Bonus DVD and workout mat
Marketer: Savvier
Prediction: Unlikely to succeed

Savvier knows how to make short-form fitness work, so this campaign has higher-than-average odds of success. On its own, though, the product isn't very interesting. It's hard to understand exactly what it does for you, or how it works. Confusion is a sales killer.

As for the commercial, it's beautifully shot and has a real brand feel (similar to those famous iPod commercials). However, what builds brands and what sells direct to consumer are often two very different things, and this spot sacrifices selling time for style.

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