June 09, 2008

Is Perfect Pullup a hit?

Check out this chart* I recently created (click to enlarge):

I did it to answer a question that's been bothering me. According to industry charts, Perfect Pullup is almost as successful as Perfect Pushup. The former is No. 12 on this week's IMS chart; the latter No. 4. Jordan Whitney has them at No. 22 and No. 11, respectively. This would seem to indicate Perfect Pullup is a big hit that's quickly closing in on Perfect Pushup's success.

But the chart above tells a different story. It turns out Perfect Pushup is spending 10 times more than Perfect Pullup -- in its second year. And even if you compare Perfect Pushup's first April to Perfect Pullup's first April, the difference is spending is still about eight times better for the original product. (This is in keeping with other DRTV product line extensions I've studied.)

None of this is to say Perfect Pullup isn't a hit, or won't mature into a significant winner for BodyRev. But it goes to show that those who monitor the DRTV industry must be careful about reading into chart rankings. Moreover, none of these measures can tell us if a DRTV product is paying out or if a marketer is just spending to drive/support retail.

* Source: TNS Media Intelligence (spending is not adjusted for DR rates)

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