September 02, 2019

New & True: Perfect Cushion

Description: An orthopedic cushion
Pitch: "Helps relieve the stress and pressure from prolonged sitting"
Offer: $19.99 for one
Bonus: 2nd one (just pay P&H)
Marketer: Allstar
Producer: DEG
Rank: No. 17*
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This is Old Gold with a twist from another Old Gold item.

The hit it most closely resembles is Allstar's Forever Comfy, a 2012 True Top Spender and 2013 True Top Spender.

The cutaway section near the base of the spine goes back to an even older hit, Ontel's Seat Solution.

As for the creative, it borrows from Infomercials Inc.'s Miracle Bamboo Cushion, an Ontel product with a similar design.

* DRMetrix Weekly Top 40, Short Form Week 35 (Source: AdSphere)

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