February 21, 2016

Touch 'N Brush: Old Gold?

Current Name: Press2Paste
Current Marketer: Allstar
Original Hit Year: 2009 (No. 87 on the JW Annual)
Original Marketer: Allstar/Merchant Media
Watch the spot

To be honest, I'm still not sure why this item was a success in the first place. I have three kids, all under 10, so I should be the ideal customer. Yes, the kids make a mess when they brush their teeth. But no, I don't think a dispenser is going to solve the problem. What's to stop them from pressing the button repeatedly just to see what happens? It looks like fun in the commercial, and that's a bad thing for sure. I'd go in to find that instead of a sink covered in toothpaste, I now have a dispenser covered in toothpaste to clean.

I digress. Let's assume credibility and forward-thinking aren't relevant to DRTV success. Crazy talk, I know. From that standpoint, this one looks promising. Allstar knows how to sell it, and we're close enough to the seven-year break a Phoenix needs to rise again. The rank from 2009 indicates this won't be a huge hit, but it could certainly have another nice run.

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