February 03, 2016

60 Second Dry Clean

Description: A shirt-refreshing spray
Main Pitch: "The first at-home dry cleaner that can clean any garment in just seconds"
Main Offer: $9.99 for one bottle
Bonus: Double the size (free)
Marketer: IdeaVillage
Watch the spot

This one disappeared from the Internet pretty fast, so it's either a big hit or a 'fast fail.' I'm guessing the latter. Concepts like these aren't meant for pure-play DRTV. The economics don't make sense when an immediate payout is your goal. It's also worth thinking about why P&G doesn't already have a well-known product that does this. Or does it?

S7 Analysis: There are numerous problems with this project from an S7 perspective. Based on the history of similar products, it isn't especially needed. The scenario that opens the spot indicates as much. Speaking of that scenario, it's likely to offend a portion of the target audience (what is this, the 1970s?), which is never good for sales. Finally, the broad category of "laundry aids" is super-crowded at retail.

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