January 14, 2016

I'm Dead. Now What?

Description: An end-of-life planner
Main Pitch: "The peace of mind planner created to protect your family's future"
Main Offer: $19.99 for one with will kit
Bonus: Internet address & password log book, free shipping
Starring: Anson Williams
Marketer: Top Dog
Producer: Hutton-Miller
Watch the spot

Give Top Dog credit for experimenting with more categories than any other marketer. They've done everything from classic problem solvers (BeActive) to bizarre novelties (Tiny Tyrants), from sex toys (One Massager) to Catholic memorabilia (Visitation Cross). This project is no exception. As far as I know, it's the first of its kind on DRTV. So if it works, expect imitators! On a related note, I also respect the risk they took on the name. It could be polarizing, but it will definitely get attention.

S7 Analysis: The two big questions I have: Is this product targeted toward a big enough buying group, and do people think it's needed? The answer to the first question depends on the accuracy of my insight that 'preparedness is the opposite of impulsiveness.' Unless the viewer feels he or she is near death (a niche market, I hope), there is no impulsive need here. Perhaps people have been feeling guilty about not being prepared for so long, this will seem like an easy solution at the right time? The DRTV buyer does tend to skew older.

The answer to the second question is anyone's guess. I know there are companies out there marketing these services for affordable prices, but there's certainly nothing as cheap as $19.99 -- and Mr. Williams lends the product credibility.

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