November 05, 2015


Description: Kid-safe nail polish
Main Pitch: "When it's time for a new look, just peel it off"
Main Offer: $10 for three bottles (red, blue and pink)
Bonus: Double the offer (free)
Marketer: Telebrands
Watch the spot

As the father of two young girls, I like this product concept a lot. As a marketer, I'm not sure it's exciting enough to generate 'pester power.' Possibly. The fact it peels off has some fun play value, and the fact parents might let their girls paint their nails more often (or at all) solves a problem for said girls.

S7 Analysis: The trickiest thing about a project like this is who it's targeted toward. Traditionally, young girls have been one of the hardest demographics to reach using DRTV, and the media situation is getting worse every year.

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  1. I ordered PeelEEZ last month. I went to check on the status and their website no longer exists. Does anyone know what happened? I haven't been charged yet but did they just stop production or what? These were Christmas gifts I needed. I can call but they leave me on hold for over 10 minutes!!