August 27, 2015

Weekly Round-Up

  1. Zap! Pitch: "It's a remodel in every bottle." Comments: Old brand, new creative -- and I like it! This is how you do humor in DR. Not saying it will get a CPO, but the execution is excellent. I laughed out loud. Good slogan, too! [ss]
  3. Bookades. Pitch: "Reduce glare and brightness to finally make outdoor book reading easy on the eyes." Comments: This takes one use for HD Vision Readers (a mediocre line extension as it was) and tries to build an entire sales pitch around it. For a product with a low-perceived value. That's seasonal. Yeesh. [ss]
  5. Bunchems. Marketer: Spin Master. Producer: Hutton-Miller. Pitch: "The shapeable bits that stick and stay then pull away for endless play." Comments: A classic marketer/producer pairing with great DRTV history behind it (see Pixos, Bendaroos) and a place on the shelf already. [ss]
  7. Easy Reach Loofah. Pitch: "The all-in-one, full body wash cloth." Comments: Other solutions to this problem haven't fared well (see Nu Spa, Body Snake). The only success to date was Spin Spa, a 2006-2007 IdeaVillage hit that was motorized and had additional uses. [ss]
  9. Red Ring. Marketer: Telebrands. Pitch: "Securely and comfortably hold your phone in any position." Comments: A variation of Wedding Ring. I like the creative and approach much better but still dislike the item and category. [ss]
  11. Tray N Play. Pitch: "The foldable fun table." Comments: Ever wish you had an airplane tray table in the back of your car? Me neither ... OK, I get the thinking behind the product, but I find it to be too utilitarian for kid DR. That is, it's a good pitch for parents but has none of the necessary elements (play value, pester power) for appealing to kids. [ss]

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