June 04, 2015

V-Shape Trainer

Description: A waist-trainer for men
Main Pitch: "Look slim without the gym"
Main Offer: $19.99 for one in black
Bonus:2nd one in gray (just pay P&H)
Marketer: Tristar
Watch the spot

This is the men's version of Genie Hour Glass, which is dueling with IdeaVillage's Miss Belt right now. Reversing the pitch didn't work for Slim Ts (a 2010-2011 hit) -- Slim Tanx didn't make the cut -- and I think the same will be true here. Indeed, one reason Slim Ts worked is because it allowed men not to feel like they were wearing a girdle.

This raises an interesting question: What if someone went beyond merely changing out the talent, or changing pink to black, and re-thought the product? Would a more robust thought-process lead a waist-trainer marketer to come up with a slimming t-shirt for men? Or vice-versa? Is it possible that lack of imagination is causing us to miss opportunities?

S7 Analysis: For guys, not having a v-shaped waist isn't really a problem. Or to reverse that, having a v-shaped waist is an (unrealistic) aspiration for most men. That means this product isn't needed. A way to hide a beer gut is needed, but this product won't be accepted as a solution for the reason mentioned above (it looks like a girdle). Also, waist training as a concept is mis-targeted when aimed at men. They don't read all those celebrity gossip magazines featuring Kardashians that have women convinced this is the latest, must-try trend.

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